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Make your NetSuite integrations easier,
and better your business operations.

Automate and simplify your business processes. Combine the power of NetSuite with Salesforce, ServiceNow, Shopify, and more, through our cost-effective and robust integration platform.

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The iPaaS Product of an ORACLE NetSuite Alliance Partner

Excelym.IO is a product of Excelym, an official Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner.

The Excelym.IO - NetSuite and Salesforce Integration App is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange!

Excelym.IO underwent rigorous security and reliability testing before passing the Salesforce.com AppExchange Security Review.

NetSuite Integrations Specialist 

We use our long years of professional NetSuite practice experience in providing the best NetSuite Integrations advisory, implementation, customization, and support.

Visit our Excelym-NetSuite page for any NetSuite specific queries.

Integrate these trusted systems


Discover better integrations by industry and system options


Excelym.IO is designed for multiple business industries like retail, ecommerce,
manufacturing, and more.




Software /

Construction /

Food &



Excelym.IO is a connector platform that can seamlessly integrate up to 1000 systems. Below are examples of popular systems to integrate.




Finance & Banking


Business Intelligence

Only Packed With Useful Features

What are the key advantages?

Accurate Reporting

Get real-time accurate business data, reports and analytics

Mobile Friendly

Access crucial data anywhere through any device.


Access business data in real-time anywhere around the globe

Robust Integration

Integrate and choose from thousands of available systems

Smarter Automation

Increase efficiency through streamlined processes

Accessible Support

Quick Support Access through multiple support channels

Intergrate with Better UI and Improved UX​

System UI/UX impacts
employee work efficiency

Displays the login page of the Excelym.IO system.

Displays the widget of the latest task statuses.

Displays the configuration setup for the list of users registered in the system.

Displays the method Excelym.IO users can access the applications specified under
“Providers” or Systems (e.g. they are authentication methods.) Each “Connection” will contain the credentials and necessary information to connect to a provider.

Displays the integration set up of different applications
and data either realtime or scheduled.

Salesforce & NetSuite Integration: User Walkthrough

This is a user walkthrough video of how Excelym.IO users will manage an integration within the platform. We used Salesforce and NetSuite integration as an example.

Follow us on Youtube for more demo/ product walkthrough videos.

The iPaaS for Small Business

Excelym.IO lite is our newest Connector product that caters to small businesses and early stage startup companies' need for basic system integrations. This integration platform comes with out-of-the-box configurations for the most basic data integrations of the most common and popular SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications like NetSuite with Salesforce and Shopify.

We have developed Excelym.IO lite to offer an inexpensive system integration alternative, and help small businesses scale up their operations at a time when almost all transactions are already digital.

Choose what's best for your business

Our dual iPaaS product offering gives you greater flexibility into choosing the right iPaaS according to your business requirements.

A Proud NetSuite Partner

Excelym is a proud NetSuite Solutions Partner that provides a full spectrum of cost-effective and scalable business solutions.

Discover business requirements and determine the most efficient and cost-effective approach and road map to attain your goals.
Acquire a team of NetSuite experts to help with NetSuite deployment.
Support services that are bundled for full service value.
Support services that are bundled for full service value.
Outsource the functional tasks and non-core business processes to highly trained and experienced resources.
Seamlessly integrate NetSuite with other third-party solutions like SalesForce, Magento or Shopify.

View Our Current Offers on NetSuite Implementation, eCommerce (Shopify), and Outsourced Business Services to help jumpstart your business.


As the economy begins to reopen, every business is going to need to reassess its situation across a number of different factors. This playbook is designed to be a checklist for business leaders so they can take action and move their organizations forward.

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