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NetSuite and Salesforce Integration

NetSuite-Salesforce integration is a vital part of the business processes of almost all enterprises. Together, they can form a communication bridge that serves as an automated and efficient communication channel. 

In this integration, Excelym.IO helps in ensuring that disparate information is not replicated and is well managed, thus increasing productivity and offering reliable data to clients and internal divisions alike. It translates into more efficient management of the business and makes it more lucrative.

  • Information is updated automatically; no need for manual entry
  • Secure access to accurate data
  • Collaboration between different departments
  • A more streamlined workflow

Our typically implemented integration solutions

  • No more double entry

    Excelym.IO allows NetSuite to automatically update with Salesforce, so there is no need to enter information twice, and it is just as reliable. Only authorized personnel can log into Salesforce, which means that there will be no unauthorized access to sensitive information such as customer data or purchase orders.

  • Better collaborative environment

    NetSuite-Salesforce integration facilitates collaboration with customers and employees, allowing smooth communication within the enterprise team. Users can share documents that include invoices, quotes, purchase orders, and other important documents.

  • Faster workflow management

    NetSuite-salesforce integration ensures that all workflows are done on time, without human delays or errors. This is because tasks are automatically delegated based on priority levels, along with an indication of who is yet to finish what. This boosts productivity by leaving less room for distractions.

  • Sales data at your fingertips

    NetSuite updates Salesforce with live sales information every day, thus helping management gain insight into the e-commerce business immediately. It helps cut down on the time taken to generate weekly reports, increasing productivity and saving valuable business hours.

  • Get real-time information on all activities for a more flexible, agile business

    NetSuite-salesforce integration delivers real-time information updates, which means that customer questions are answered promptly. Also, new order statuses are updated simultaneously.

    Activities that can be monitored with this integration include order creation, order processing and fulfillment, sales forecasts, and pipeline management among others. Salesforce access is also included in the NetSuite package which means that the two systems are more easily integrated.

Excelym.IO Feature Set

Understand the key advantages that makes Excelym.IO a robust and cost-efficient NetSuite-centric integration platform as well as the level of security employed to protect and preserve the integrity of data during integration.

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Integrate NetSuite with any of these systems

*These are just some of the popularly integrated systems. Other systems may be integrated on-demand or per customer requirements.

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