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Excelym.IO vs Boomi

Starting at $6,600/yr (Base)
? Based on Base Pricing Model.

Starting at $3,000/yr (Basic)
? Based on Basic Pricing Model which allows integration of 2 applications and with 10 data objects/ flows.
Platform Category iPaaS and Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) iPaaS and Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP)
Just as reliable as the other, both can powerfully bring data from across different system setups into one consolidate platform.
User Support Boomi's base model - product support limit's an end-user to only 15 cases/tickets submission per year while general issues are expected to be responded within 2 days. Unlimited cases/tickets submission even with the base pricing model
Excelym.IO is committed to resolve end-user issues at no additional cost from the product subscription.
Workflows Not available/ not included Default access to advanced workflows
Advanced workflows access is not included in Boomi's base pricing model. The advanced workflow feature is only available in Boomi's higher pricing tier.
Testing Environment Not available/ not included Product subscription also comes with testing environment (Sandbox).
Even Excelym.IO's startup plan (Excelym.IO lite and Basic) comes with a free Sandbox Account or an Excelym.IO hosted testing database for the integration's interface.
User Interface (UI) &
User Experience (UX)
Out-of-the-box UI format Fully customizable UI format
Unlike most integration platforms which is delivered with an out-of-the-box UI format, Excelym.IO's user interface is fully customizable with every module enabled to be re-designed based on end-user preferences. End-users would usually want a module in Excelym.IO to look just as the same with their previous or current business application having the same utility function.
Serge Ybanez

Serge Ybanez

Serge is a Managing Partner, and also the head of Sales and Business Development.


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