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NetSuite Amazon Redshift Integration

Faster, more reliable and secure

Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based data warehouse with petabyte-scale storage and fast query processing. The NetSuite-Amazon Redshift integration enables seamless migration, out-of-the-box reporting and analytics, in addition to full data integration between NetSuite and Amazon Redshift. With NetSuite, real-time business operations can be synced with Amazon Redshift to gain actionable insights on your enterprise performance within minutes.

What we did for Flywheel: Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud guidance, implementation and integration

We provided cloud guidance and implementation services to stand up and deliver third-party integration services for a national fitness chain. Utilizing the speed and service stability of Amazon Web Services to deliver a middle-tier integration that provided the backbone of communication for this fitness company with 40 locations. Excelym.IO integrated Point-of-Sale Solutions (POS) with their thirdy-party logistics (3PL) providers and eCommerce to be linked with their ERP and accounting systems. Excelym.IO has enabled Flywheel to provide an overall seamless consumer journey for their customers.

AWS Services & Support

Our experienced engineering team utilizes AWS for standalone services, integration, infrastructure  and scalability. We frequently augment the capabilities of NetSuite, Magento, Odoo, and other solutions with the elasticity, maintainability, and services within AWS

  • EC2, RDS, ELB, Auto Scale, and overall infrastructure setup services are available
  • Customization on AWS stack for integration services, SNS, SQS. Robust and fault tolerant layers
  • S3 Integration for elastic storage
  • Dev Operation services and infrastructure management are available as stand-alone services

Other Use Cases

  • When a maritime company came seeking advice and services regarding AWS, we answered the call. Excelym.IO linked, migrated, transformed, and transitioned existing on premise technologies to new agile systems hosted in Amazon’s elastic data centers and with Amazon GovCloud for a stronger platform security. On top of the product solution, our professional services arm (Excelym) also provided cloud infrastructure, reliability, security, and performance services. 
  • When a process control instrumentation company required a new ERP Quote and Order system, Excelym provided guidance on product selection, implementation of the product, and transition to the organization. Our service delivery team installed this product on cost effective and recoverable AWS infrastructure. Their previous system had an outage when physical unmaintained hardware went down in their office. We solved for this and more by implementing Odoo ERP in the Cloud.


Note: Other objects, transactions, or records may be integrated depending on the business need or upon request. Additional integrations, data transformations, and other customizations are also possible.

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Integrate NetSuite with any of these systems

*These are just some of the popularly integrated systems. Other systems may be integrated on-demand or per customer requirements.

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