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Excelym.IO vs Excelym.IO lite

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More Comprehensive Integrations Solution
for Small, Medium & Large Enterprises

Excelym.IO lite

Basic Integration Solution
for Small Businesses and Startups

Yearly Subscription Annual Plan Monthly Plan
Costs Starting at $3,600/yr
See Plans and Pricing
$199 per month $222 per month
Term Prepaid Annually Prepaid Annually Billed Monthly
? The number of SaaS applications to be integrated or as connected to the IO platform. (e.g. there are 2 connections in a NS to SF integration, NS to IO= 1 Connection and SF to IO= 1 Connection)
*With initial defaults
Salesforce, Shopify, PowerBI, RDBMS Databases and/or any application with custom API
Data Objects
? Items to be integrated following project requirements, classified as either Master Data (e.g. SF Accounts & NS Customers) or Transactional Data (e.g. SF Opportunities & NS Sales Orders).
*With initial defaults
See list of predefined data objects
Access to Use Cases
Integration Mapping Pre-built
Product Maintenance
& Support
Version Updates
? With recurring annual cost.

Patches & Security Fixes
Help Portal Access
Patches & Security Fixes
Help Portal Access
Version Updates
Patches & Security Fixes
Help Portal Access
Sandbox Account
? Excelym-hosted database for platform testing.
FREE for first 6 Months FREE for first 3 Months

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