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Excelym.IO vs Celigo

Starting at $7,200/yr (Standard)
? Based on Standard Pricing Model which allows integration of up to 3 applications and with 16 flows.

Starting at $5,000/yr (Standard)
? Based on Standard Pricing Model which allows integration of up to 3 applications and with 20 data objects/ flows.
Platform Category iPaaS, API Marketplace iPaaS and Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP)
Celigo's integrator.io heavily depends on the availability of API while Excelym.IO can integrate regardless of the system setup (either legacy or SaaS).
User Support Classifed into different user support plans, cost increases with the level of the selected support package Full product support coverage is already included in every pricing plan
Celigo's user support plans are categorized based on the level of priority a customer wants its tickets to be treated. Their support team can respond as early as 4 hours or as late as 5 days from the time an end-user submits a ticket. Cost rises with level of priority included in the support SLA.
Workflows Available with both out-of-the-box and custom flows Custom workflows only
Excelym.IO appreciates the changing real-world business requirements. That's why all its workflows are custom-made to fit the exact end-user business need.
Testing Environment Not available/ not included Product subscription also comes with testing environment (Sandbox).
Even Excelym.IO's startup plan (Excelym.IO lite and Basic) comes with a free Sandbox Account or an Excelym.IO hosted testing database for the integration's interface.
User Interface (UI) &
User Experience (UX)
Out-of-the-box UI format Fully customizable UI format
Excelym.IO's user interface is fully customizable to customer's preference elimating business end-user fatigue in adapting to new software programs.
Serge Ybanez

Serge Ybanez

Serge is a Managing Partner, and also the head of Sales and Business Development.


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