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AvaTax for NetSuite

The #1 Choice of Controllers

About Avatax

AvaTax for NetSuite provides a fast, accurate and scalable solution for sales tax calculation and compliance. This native NetSuite integration automates the complex processes of sales tax determination and filing, so you can focus on your business. It’s quick to set up and easy to use, so you can get started quickly and confidently.

NetSuite Avatax Integration Advantages

Avoid costly compliance mistakes

Automatically calculate and capture the correct amount of sales tax on your transaction, based on the applicable rules defined in each state. The system then provides you with a clear view of what was collected, so you can quickly identify any compliance errors.

Easily validate your customers’ tax exemptions

Give your customers the benefit of tax exemptions. AvaTax instantly shows you which orders contain exempt items and provides a simple way to automatically create customer invoices that exclude sales tax.

Comply with sales tax laws for all jurisdictions

Calculate and report sales tax results for all states including taxes on shipping/handling charges to ensure you’ve captured the right amount of tax revenue from your customers. Avoid returned shipments and costly fines by meeting your state’s requirements for filing and payment.

Generate reports on your transaction history at any time

Use information from your transactions, to generate reports on your compliance history at any time. AvaTax provides detailed information about each order that allows you to easily identify any issues or concerns – resulting in improved compliance with your business tax obligations.

No more complicated spreadsheets to manage.

You don’t need to manually keep and manage spreadsheets or use complicated and time-consuming processes to make sure you’ve collected the right amount of tax. AvaTax seamlessly integrates with NetSuite to provide a single system of record for your transaction data and tax results, allowing you to manage all aspects of sales tax in one place.

Let Avalara file and pay your taxes on your behalf

Avalara works with state and local authorities to file and pay your sales tax on your behalf. It keeps you compliant with local rules and regulations, so you don’t have to worry about getting audited or fined.

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