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NetSuite and Databricks Integration

  • Leverage Databricks to Get Better Insights of Your NetSuite Data

    Databricks is a data analytics platform that analyses data wherever it is housed in the cloud. The platform allows enterprises to analyze data on a massive scale. Databricks maximizes your use of NetSuite by enabling you to do a simplified in-depth analysis of your ERP data.

    The challenge for most organizations is to find an easy-to-use, robust and fault-tolerant middleware to stably bridge data from NetSuite to/from Databricks. Because managing data pipelines is usually a pain for most organizations with teams having to put their reporting on hold while they wait for their IT or Engineering to resolve tickets.

  • From an ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) Perspective

    Excelym.IO can connect Databricks to your NetSuite data source out-of-the-box, making it easy for you to implement the integration in minutes.

  • Make better market decisions, faster

    Organizations need to make good decisions fast. Analyzing your NetSuite data in Databricks using Excelym.IO can help you build a data-driven business, where everyone is able to realize the benefits of real-time insights faster.

    Through Excelym.IO, companies using NetSuite can now leverage Databricks as a self-service BI platform that allows them to do deeper analyses of their ERP data without touching the underlying database.

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