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ServiceNow and NetSuite Integration

ServiceNow-NetSuite Integration is a powerful option for businesses that run their operations across both systems, or have processes that require data from both platforms.  It can be difficult to manage these two business applications as two separate systems and manually keep them in sync with each other.

Excelym.IO empowers enterprises

Excelym.IO unleashes the full potential of a ServiceNow and NetSuite Integration. This middleware/integration platform streamlines the advanced workflow automation features of ServiceNow with NetSuite.

Our typically implemented integration solutions

  • Manage end-to-end business processes in one system.

    Excelym.IO connects the two systems and automatically synchronizes data, without any requirement on IT resources or manual intervention. Excelym.IO provides everything needed to walk through the lifecycle of an example process such as:

    • Creating process workflow logic that is stored in ServiceNow
    • Synchronizing ServiceNow with NetSuite to update records automatically
    • Executing process sequence in ServiceNow
    • Updating records in NetSuite based on the outcome of process execution
    • Monitoring and maintaining the system. 

  • Geared for customers with multiple and/or more complex integration needs.

    Excelym.IO enables ServiceNow and NetSuite to interact with each other. NetSuite acts as a source of data that can be synchronized with ServiceNow, allowing users to view real-time information. For example, it can be used to update the ticket’s priority in case an incident is raised in ServiceNow.

    It can make NetSuite be used as a source to trigger processes in ServiceNow. For example, Sales Orders in NetSuite can automatically update the manufacturing schedule in ServiceNow when they are created, modified, or deleted.

    This integration helps companies use the right set of business applications at each point in their business lifecycle by optimizing their applications based on the context.

  • Configurable workflows with dynamic dependencies between NetSuite, ServiceNow, and other systems.

    Excelym.IO provides an option for custom workflows that can be configured to execute specific processes in ServiceNow, based on the changes made in NetSuite. This means any updates generated by the workflow engine are automatically sent to create, modify, or delete records in ServiceNow.

    It allows users to create custom workflows that link NetSuite and ServiceNow. This integration allows for the automatic creation of tasks or updates in NetSuite depending on the changes made in ServiceNow.

Excelym.IO Feature Set

Understand the key advantages that make Excelym.IO a robust and cost-efficient NetSuite-centric integration platform as well as the level of security employed to protect and preserve the integrity of data during integration.

See feature set

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Integrate NetSuite with any of these systems

*These are just some of the popularly integrated systems. Other systems may be integrated on-demand or per customer requirements.

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