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NetSuite and Bergen Logistics Integration

About Bergen Logistics

Bergen Logistics is a leading third-party logistics provider, offering a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions. From receiving to restocking, warehousing, order fulfillment, and delivery to returns management. The company specializes in the fashion and lifestyle industries. With years of experience, Bergen Logistics has the knowledge and expertise to help companies manage their complex supply chains, improve service levels, and reduce costs.

NetSuite Bergen Logistics Integration Advantages

No more manual order entries

Integrating NetSuite with Bergen Logistics means users can automate order entry for all their products. With Excelym.IO, NetSuite users can log orders to their specific retailers inside Bergen's system. The order will automatically be sent to the store at which it originated in NetSuite, and all tracking information and invoices will be handled by Bergen.

This integration is the perfect solution for companies who want to outsource their order entry to a specialist. It eliminates the need for you to manually enter orders into your eCommerce store, saving you time and reducing the risk of human error.

Update order tracking in NetSuite once fulfilled by Bergen

This will keep your customers up-to-date on the progress of their orders and ensure they have a positive shopping experience. It is essential to have a comprehensive logistics solution in place to manage your complex supply chains.

Send order information from NetSuite to Bergen Logistics

This way, Bergen Logistics can handle invoicing and tracking of orders from your online store without you having to enter the information into Bergen's system.

Eliminate guesswork

Product availability will be updated in real-time, with no manual intervention.

This integration is perfect for any company looking to outsource order entry or improve customer service levels when it comes to tracking information about their products. If you’re interested in learning more about how this integration can benefit your business, reach out today so we can set up an introductory call!

Case Study:

A common example of an eCommerce (Shopify) and 3PL (Bergen Logistics) integration process/architecture with NetSuite

Above is a data flow diagram of creating a Sales Order in Shopify to processing the request in Bergen Logistics.

The client uses Shopify as their eCommerce platform and Bergen as their 3PL provider. Data is integrated via Excelym.IO with operational and financial data processed in NetSuite.

The primary processes involved are:

  • The financials are stored and processed in NetSuite
  • Products, items and location are synced in both Shopify and Bergen with error alerts.
    • Users should be able to mark items to be added to Bergen by ticking a checkbox. There should be a way to know if an item has been synced.
    • For error handling, users should be notified with a message when any type of error occurs. This includes connectivity errors, authentication errors, and other generic errors. A trace or log should be available for all error scenarios.
  • Send shipment requests, status requests and close requests are available.
    • Shopify orders must be sent to a 3PL to be fulfilled. The status of a shipment request can be checked to see if it has been delivered to the customer.

Note: Other objects, transactions, or records may be integrated depending on the business need or upon request. Additional integrations, data transformations, and other customizations are also possible.

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