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NetSuite-Shopify Integration: Automate Order Processing and Inventory Management

Sync Customers, Inventories, Orders, and more.

Why integrate Shopify with NetSuite?

Businesses can enjoy a more streamlined end-to-end customer order and order to fulfillment process for a more efficient product to market delivery. The integration will simplify your order management workflow as all your business information will be available to you as if it were in one system. Let’s explore the various benefits of integrating Shopify with NetSuite:

  1. It simply makes for an efficient way to manage your business’s operations. It allows you to automatically sync customers, inventories, orders and other data between Shopify and NetSuite. This makes it easier to keep track of stock levels and make sure orders are shipped quickly and accurately. You can also use the integration to create sales orders from Shopify, process payments and transfers between Shopify and NetSuite, and generate reports for better analysis.
  2. Products can also be easily managed using the integration. You can create new products in Shopify or modify existing ones — all without ever leaving your NetSuite interface. The synchronization allows you to keep both systems in sync, so you never have to worry about discrepancies between the two. Additionally, it allows you to keep product images and descriptions up-to-date in both Shopify and NetSuite.
  3. The integration also makes it possible to manage customers effectively as well. You can easily update customer information such as billing addresses and other contact information. Additionally, customer orders are automatically synced between both systems, so you can process them quickly and accurately. By automating the synchronization of customers, products, inventories, orders, and more between Shopify and NetSuite, you can ensure the accuracy of your orders and improve the overall efficiency of your business. 

Investing in this integration is a surefire way to take your business operations to the next level. 

We’ve extensively integrated Shopify with NetSuite.

Because of our extensive experience in both Shopify and NetSuite, we know how to map data and business processes between the two platforms to support a wide variety of business needs. Our Shopify-NetSuite integration can automate numerous other mission-critical areas in addition to e-commerce order management, including:

  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • Accounting/Financials
  • Shipping and Fulfillment

What are some of the benefits of a Shopify-NetSuite integration?

Some of the key benefits you can expect from our Shopify-NetSuite integration include:

Excelym’s experience in integrating NetSuite with the Shopify POS system 

Our experience covers the integration of NetSuite with the Shopify POS system to streamline inventory control across a retail network of 40 countries. We have also conducted an intensive discovery program, which allowed us to design a workflow that met our client’s needs as well as required compliance standards.

Case Study: Shopify implementation and integration with NetSuite

A retail company based out of New York needed to get their core product online, integrated to financials, and fulfilled to the end customer. This solution needed to be robust, modern, and have a premium consumer experience for their end customers.

We delivered on the following:

  • Full implementation of Shopify Plus (with custom checkout flow, premium consumer experience, and site design)
  • Robust integration to NetSuite of Sales Orders and Order Status
  • Robust integration from NetSuite to Shopify for order tracking and management.
  • Email fulfillment via a 3rd party marketing automation tool.
  • Integration of NetSuite to 3PL providers for product delivery
  • Revenue recognition and reporting for this new business line.

Our experience with Shopify eCommerce, NetSuite, Integration, and Support all combined delivered a service that not many service companies are capable of delivering. This demonstrates how Excelym is a skilled and trusted partner for even the most critical of business needs.

Increased inventory efficiency and accuracy.

Improved visibility into stock levels and product mix across all sales channels.

Reduced order processing time by automating the creation of purchases.

Eliminated the need to enter data manually into two systems.

Improved employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Real-time updates of inventory levels and order status.

Automated shipping and order fulfillment.

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