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AvidXchange for NetSuite

Built for NetSuite

AvidXchange is the industry leader in mid-market businesses’ automation of invoice and payment procedures. AvidXchange assists NetSuite users in processing invoices and making payments using a straightforward, streamlined, and more secure method. It helps users earn more payment incentives by providing several payment options.

AvidXchange offers businesses a more efficient way to pay their bills. As it’s installed within NetSuite, It would help businesses reduce the time and money spent on paper-based procedures of processing payments manually. It offers an end-to-end solution, including invoice, pay, and utility, all tightly integrated into your existing NetSuite interface. Users don’t have to switch from one system to another just to manage or process payments.

We will deploy AvidXchange in your NetSuite so you can have streamlined and automated accounts payable and receivable processing among other benefits, in the following:

  • More secured payment processing

    Worry less about your bill images or supplier files being accessed by unauthorized persons. The integration maintains an audit trail at one location for all of your payments. Let your systems communicate seamlessly with each other to make it possible to integrate critical system exposures like critical supplier numbers, routing numbers, header information, etc.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    The integration gives you more leverage and options when it comes to negotiating better payment terms with your suppliers. Suppliers can choose from AvidPay checks, AvidPay Direct, or Mastercard.

  • Incentives on Qualified ePayments

    Earn incentives on qualified ePayments using AvidPay checks, AvidPay Direct or Mastercard. This can result in accelerated cash flow and improved supplier relations.

  • Anywhere and anytime access

    As a cloud-based solution, you have the flexibility of accessing your data anytime, anywhere. The capability to access your invoice and payment information on the go eliminates the need for expensive consultants or IT staff to resolve issues.

Contact us

Contact us at info@excelym.com to learn more on how you can benefit from AvidXchange as a NetSuite license owner.


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