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Bill.com for Oracle NetSuite

Built for NetSuite: Automate your A/P Process in NetSuite with Bill.com

About Bill.com

Bill.com is a cloud-based bill payment solution that helps businesses automate their AP process. Streamline your invoicing and accounts receivable processes in NetSuite with Bill.com. It also makes it easy to pay your bills, track your expenses, and receive payments from customers.

Bill.com is an app made for NetSuite, runs and operates natively within it. Excelym.IO can provide maintenance support and advanced scripting requirements as well as best-use training.

NetSuite Bill.com Integration Advantages

Match invoices with POs easier

See exactly how many PO items you have outstanding in NetSuite so that you can quickly reconcile invoices against them. With real-time visibility, you will know when your bills are paid and when overdue POs need to be followed up on.

More accurate PO payments

Invoices and payments become linked so it's easier to pay your bills and review expenses. You will also get a heads-up when POs are paid so that no PO is left outstanding for too long.

Avoid double-entry work

Invoices that have been paid in Bill.com will automatically be reconciled and can be archived so you can avoid double-entry work. You'll also get a more accurate picture of what your accounts receivable look like so it's easier to manage your team and forecast future cash flow.

Save more time for your team

Accounting departments will find it easier to run their reports because the links between invoices and POs and payments will be more complete and accurate. You'll spend less time on reconciliations and managing accounts receivable which will give your team more precious time to work on other important tasks.

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