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Having a small or medium sized business may give an idea that consumers expect less from it than from larger business units. But today's consumers expect nothing less than the level of service only large enterprises offer. For an e-commerce company it could mean bigger volume, better offering/promo, and faster shipping and item returns.

Excelym.IO helps meet these expectations, its integration platform enables businesses to keep up with changing consumer demands. 

Built for eCommerce systems
Packed with only useful eCommerce features

Super agile functionality
Geared for multiple and/or more complex integration requirements especially those with data transformation and real-time trigger needs from multiple sources & targets.

Lowest total cost of ownership

More affordable professional services for any customizations and product extensions.

Cognitive design

Allows easy and lightweight implementation

A Proud NetSuite Partner

Excelym is a proud NetSuite Solutions Partner that provides a full spectrum of cost-effective and scalable business solutions.

NetSuite Advisory

Discover business requirements and determine the most efficient and cost-effective approach and road map to attain your goals.

NetSuite Implementation

Acquire a team of NetSuite experts to help with NetSuite deployment.

NetSuite Customization

Support services that are bundled for full service value.

NetSuite Support

Support services that are bundled for full service value.

NetSuite BPO and Retainer

Outsource the functional tasks and non-core business processes to highly trained and experienced resources.

NetSuite Integration

Seamlessly integrate NetSuite with other third-party solutions like SalesForce, Magento or Shopify.

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